Hi, I’m Charlotte Valerio, a qualified Personal Stylist and Shopper.

I am experienced in coaching women on how to dress well for their body shape, offering colour analysis and styling inspiration for any lifestyle and personality.

I work with busy professionals, working mums, female business owners, new mothers, flown-the-nest mums, women reaching a new decade, those going through times of change, those on a health and fitness journey……women all wanting to look and feel the best version of themselves.

With so many styles to choose from, seasonal trends, different priorities, changes in weight or shape and less time, it can be overwhelming to find your own style, know where to shop, be conscious of the sustainability of fashion and avoid getting into a styling rut. By giving you the tools to dress well, I empower you to be yourself, able dress for any occasion, untap your inner confidence and get you feeling and looking amazing!

I offer one to one sessions, online courses and group sessions where I teach the core principles of dressing well for your bodyshape and compliment this with a full colour analysis so you understand which colours suit you best and enhance your features.

I also edit and organise wardrobes to make the most out of what you currently wear, offering styling advice and maximising outfit options.

For those needing support and guidance when shopping, Personal Shopping appointments can be booked with me. They are completely bespoke, tailored to you, your budget and your styling needs.

I look forward to working with you!

You are you, nobody else. Be the best you, always.