Personal Shopping

£250 (half day) / £400 (full day)
Do you hate shopping for yourself?
Are you uninspired by hitting the same shops every time you need something new or want to browse?
Simply feeling overwhelmed by choice?
Or can never seem to find what you are looking, getting bored of buying the same thing?
A personal shopping trip is just for you.  It will change your approach to shopping, leaving you inspired and knowledgable on where to shop and what to look for, no matter what the budget.
What to expect?
You will be accompanied by a professional, experienced Personal Stylist at a destination of your choice, where you will be guided and supported to make informed choices whilst shopping for your own shape and style.
Ahead of the session you will asked to provide a few details of your lifestyle, current personal style and 3 recent photographs in order to gain the most out of the trip.  I will also carry out a pre-shop sourcing the most suitable brands and items for you to make this a hassle free, enjoyable experience.
We will begin with a short consultation (usually over coffee) to set out the focus and goals for our time together.  We will then move onto the key stores that are suitable and outfit build on the items we source.  I will take photographs to document our shopping trip which will be available as a complimentary lookbook to refer to afterwards.