Think Differently

Today, I’m talking how to think differently when getting dressed.

I have learnt from experience, that we can all buy something new and end up pairing it with the same pieces every time we wear it.  Dressing can sometimes (actually, quite often!) become a habit.  We all have to do it everyday as part of our morning routine.  However, with busy lives to lead, there isn’t always the time (or inclination) to break the habits we form or think any differently.

So, that new purchase finds its way into our wardrobe and becomes part of a predetermined outfit. Maybe we were inspired by how it was styled on a mannequin or online or simply we wear it with our favourite pair of jeans for ease.  Many approach dressing by wearing favourite pieces together and not necessarily giving any thought to creating a look or different ways to style one item.  The new outfit then has it’s place, i.e. it’s worn for casual outings, thrown on every Monday morning for work or its a go-to  outfit for Friday night drinks.  It finds it home and is called upon when needed like a trusty friend.

We all have our favourite outfits  to go to and a comfort zone when dressing but we can also become bored of what we wear.  A few weeks in and that new item doesn’t seem as exciting anymore, the shiny newness wears off and the familiar “I have nothing to wear” feeling, crops up one morning and there’s the sudden urge to go out and buy something new to fill the void.

This is where, considering the versatility of the pieces we buy is so important.  Also, excitingly, where a good dollop of creativity is needed to start looking at the different ways to wear one item.

My top tip would be: If you are looking to buy a new piece to add to your wardrobe, you’ve fallen in love with; a new jacket/jumper/pair of boots, try and think of 3 items in you existing wardrobe it will go with.  Think about different colour combinations, dressing up/down and also trans-seasonal too, to really get great value for money.  Having a wardrobe you can mix and match will mean you’ll not only stop wasting money on standalone items but will make getting dressed in the mornings so much easier (and fun!) as you’ll have more options to play with.


I’ve had fun this week styling a new Zara top.   It’s a simple crew neck, long sleeve style with a tonal silky front in a winter berry shade (Zara are calling it dark aubergine but it has a gorgeous pink tone to it which works with my yellow/warm skin tone – some winter shades are better suited to the cooler skin tones – more on this soon).

I have also been really hankering for a new lipstick in this shade, so it has been winter berry on repeat for me.  (I’ve just realised this is also what the model is wearing it with on the Zara website!) I bought Mac’s Rebel shade which is perfect.

I have been spoilt for choice with what to pair the top with,  from a khaki parka coat which is a strong autumnal palette, a leather biker which works with the sheen of the contrast fabric or leopard print for a statement look.

I’ve also tried it with indigo blue jeans (which is one of my favourite colours combos) for daytime, a leather mini for an easy (and comfortable) evening look or even my charcoal joggers for a dressed down daytime look.

I encourage you all to experiment and mix up how to wear some of your favourite pieces.  I would advise that simpler styles in block colours are a great place to start.

Versatility, creative styling and value for money are some key principles for  YOU ARE YOU, helping you to achieve the goal of a practical, capsule wardrobe which works for all occasions. Don’t forget, I offer wardrobe edits which focus primarily on finding new ways to wear items that are NOT being worn, being forgotten or unloved, it is a chance to breathe new life into the existing wardrobe and not all about spending money on more clothes!

Here are a few pics of me trying different ways to wear (below).  For only £12.99 this is a style that has a lot of legs. (I’ve since layered it up under a black cotton day dress too which is the best way to transition your summer wardrobe into winter!).


Hope this inspires you all to think differently next time you pull out an outfit.