The Stylist’s Wardrobe Edit

Confession: Even Stylist’s need to edit their own wardrobes, can get in a muddle and not always find something to wear (easily!).

Now that’s out there, I can admit life has been a whirlwind since having another baby, with most jobs and chores done as fast as possible. So, I’ve been feeling a bit out of control of my own time and one of the ways I like to gain a sense of order and calm is to organise and tidy.

I have seen first hand so many times, how great it makes a client feel when I not only edit their wardrobe and create new outfits but also de-clutter and basically reorganize their lives!

It is definitely overdue for me to do a little edit of my own wardrobe, reevaluate  what I am wearing and what I’m not, check what still fits and get tidied up!

I usually set aside half a day with clients for an average sized wardrobe but I am a big believer in trying to do little and often if time is limited- it’s better to clear one drawer than leave everything for another day.

So, in between feeding the baby, nursery drop offs and pick ups, mealtimes and bedtime, I squeezed in a little mini wardrobe edit myself this week and was surprised by how much I could take away from the task!

Things I have learnt:

  • I definitely seem to have a ‘thing’ for white cotton shirts, grey t-shirts and don’t even get me started on the stripes. Too many to own up to. I’m consistent if anything.
  • I recently read a quote (in relation to minimalism and living more mindfully): “Clothes don’t have feelings” which should make it easier to part with them. They don’t have feelings bit boy do they hold a lot of memories for me.  There were items I picked out which instantly transported me to some great times and places.
  • I can tell that my style and taste has changed but overall my core personal style is still there. Perhaps it’s just becoming simpler due to my lifestyle, more defined as I grow in confidence and know myself better or it’s more to do with refining with age (but would rather not believe its due to getting older so we’ll go with the first two).
  • I am ruthless with day to day pieces but less so with occasionalwear. Which is abit silly because obviously I get less wear out of a sequin dress or feather skirt but I wistfully dream of more cocktail parties and fancy weddings in the future. I hold onto the special pieces but in contrast that washed out tee living in the drawer has to go, it might be more practical but I know I’m not going to wear it, really.
  • Getting dressed for me is really emotive. I only keep items that I put on and instantly like and feel good in.  It’s all about feeling like me and stepping out into the world expressing who I am. Being dressed the part and being comfortable is key. This could be in the most simple casual wear or a dressier ensemble but if I don’t feel good in it – it doesnt have a home.
  • My lifestyle dictates the styles I feel comfortable in but that doesn’t mean I only keep the clothes that suit my days at home with my two small children. It’s important to remember I am a wife, a friend, a stylist and a woman too. Style doesn’t always have to be practical, there will be a time in the future where my lifestyle will shift again. For now the wipe clean coated jeans are appealing during this weaning stage!
  • Surprisingly being a breastfeeding mama isn’t limiting in what I can wear (once the art of layering and seeking the best fastenings for access has been mastered) but I have alot of dresses waiting in the wings for next year. For now, vests layered under everything are the best!
  • I’m not a slave to trends. I like to experiment and try new things but I cherry pick what would work best for me. This can be based on my shape, my colouring or my taste. I’m much more likely to try new colour combinations or a new silhouette than completely change my look head to toe.
  • I am proof that knowing your personal style pays off, I have clothes in my wardrobe that I have had for years and still love wearing. This is when the investment pays off. Buy cheap, buy twice is also very true. The cheap stuff is often the first to go.
  •  I feel clearer, more together and relaxed having a tidy wardrobe. I also feel like I’ve got to know my clothes again. This recent edit has helped identify the gaps and focus my mental shopping list, only buying what I need to complete outfits and also restyling wha I already have.  It’s safe to say I’m good for stripe tees for now!


My top tips if you want to join me in having a sort out and get organised:

1. Rotate your wardrobe. We get used to where everything is but also out of habit go to the same part every time, often completely neglecting a lot of it. Switch up and rediscover your whole wardrobe.

2. Invest in matching hangers. Yes wooden hangers look lovely and hold the shape of the clothes but if you have a lot, I prefer slimline durable plastic ones from ikea which save space. The key is really to streamline and at least have everything on the correct hangers for a uniform look but also to look after your clothes. Avoid hanging knitwear as it will stretch and lose shape.

3. Organise in two ways – choose which works for you. Sort into workwear / weekend wear if you have a very different look for each. Or if you mix and match then organize into styles. For instance I group into shirts, woven tops, jersey t shirts, jackets etc. The next level is to colour block (next time I manage to synch naps I’ll be doing this!)

4. Finally, if something doesn’t fit then do not take up the space!

I’ve finished stage one of my edit with a big bag to donate to charity, a handful of items for alterations and a few bits to sell on. I’ll finish with colour blocking, making my shopping list and schedule a review. Best of all, I now feel more organised, on top of things and I’m looking forward to enjoying all of my clothes again (now I can find them!)

Be the best YOU, always. Charlotte X