How I became a Personal Stylist…

Hi, for those who are new here, I’m Charlotte and I thought it was time to share my story. I am met with alot of intrigue whenever I tell someone that I am a Personal Stylist. Some wonder how it becomes a career, others ask if it’s the same as a Personal Shopper? (Short answer: well yes, that’s part of it).

I see it as a service to help you be you and celebrate being you. That could mean educating you on why something looks good and feels great when it’s on. It could also mean taking you on a shopping trip to show you new brands that have launched. For the time poor I can even shop for you. and No! it isn’t just for the rich and famous. This is an inclusive service which helps so many different people.

The role of a Stylist is varied and this business of helping others is really special to me. I thought I’d share how I got here professionally!

My story goes…

I founded YOU ARE YOU around five years ago having been styling already for many more. I wanted to create a service to benefit others, excite clients about fashion and positively impact wellbeing by educating on how to achieve a great sense of personal style. I have the strongest belief that making one small change in life can lead to a whole new perspective and outlook.

The services on offer are tailored to you with bespoke, personalised advice. I like making people feel looked after and important. With expert direction you will be able to create perfect outfits for your lifestyle and will be able to find an outfit for any occasion (whilst still expressing your personality and ensuring you feel ready to take on anything!).

“Fashion and styling has always been close to my heart and influenced my career  (I started off in the fashion cupboard at Marie Claire magazine at the tender age of 17!) and I am fortunate enough that my fashion and styling career has taken me worldwide to see how people like to shop and wear clothes. I’ve seen the impact dressing well can have, from making the right impression, increasing confidence to rediscovering a new identity when moving onto a new life stage. “

I have over 15 years experience in the fashion industry and spent many years working for leading fashion and lifestyle brands.  Initially my path began as a Buyer then I moved into Fashion Styling and Photography Production working in house and agency side as a Producer, working on advertising campaigns, photoshoots, music videos and documentaries.

“I have loved curating looks for fashion brands, fulfilling a brief for a Creative Director or individual client. I reached a pivotal time in my life when I felt it was time to work one on one with clients to utilise my knowledge and help people feel their best.

How we dress is an extension of our personality and wanting to still be us, but also feel comfortable and suitable for the occasion.  With my experience, I want to take this to a wider audience and support people on a personal level, boosting self esteem and getting more people dressing well, shopping smarter and looking amazing.”

In 2009, I studied with the British College of Journalism to gain a Diploma in Personal Styling.  Following the birth of my first son in 2015 I decided to undertake further training with the leading BAC accredited London College of Style (and gained Distinction on their Personal Styling Diploma course).  This is when YOU ARE YOU was born!

I’ve gone on to have two more children and working around them to see many clients. I know first hand how hard it can be to maintain your own identity in the working world, when a mother and having a huge mental load.

I am keen to support and educate you on personal styling principles to promote positive wellbeing. YOU ARE YOU promotes feeling good inside and out – no matter who you are.

“I started YOU ARE YOU with the sole aim of wanting to help improve others lives. Styling is most definitely the start and can lead you on an exciting journey discovering and evolving who you are and how you feel.

I SO look forward to the opportunity to show you what a difference I can make.”

Fashion and dressing well is a chance to have fun and celebrate your uniqueness, so YOU ARE YOU fully embraces having a personality and not taking life too seriously! If you are looking for some positive changes to your lifestyle and want to be the best YOU there is, what are you waiting for?

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