Back in business

So…. I unintentionally stepped away from styling for most of the last year as I took on a freelance gig which turned into a regular ongoing arrangement. I ventured back to Producer life (which is what I did pre-small ones coming along). I cannot believe it has now been ten months!!

Whilst I LOVE my work as a Producer, feel really proud of the projects I’ve worked on, met some fantastic crews and talent, have been challenged in the best and fulfilling way, whilst still being with my boys most of the week too, it feels like I had the juggle working well…. I’ve also felt like something was missing. That thing was styling.

My need to help others through the power of dressing and improving wellbeing and confidence is stronger than ever.

The time away has helped me reflect on what I want to do with my business and what matters most.

It isn’t something I just like to do because of a life long passion for fashion and putting outfits together.

It goes deeper than that and from stepping away I feel completely compelled to empowering and helping others. It’s what I believe i am here to do. Like I said, it runs deep!

Personal Styling for me has always been so much more than being aware of seasonal trends and brands, it has been about supporting people to feel the best version of themselves. Where I think I can support clients most- with the styling advice and knowledge i have – is when men and women are going through big periods of change in their life.

At the time when everything is uncertain or new, getting up and facing the world can be the toughest hurdle.

I want to help the new mum trying to find a way to dress their post partum body (new shape or size, different lifestyle, potentially needing to nurse, change in budget and a drastic reduction in time!), the person returning to work or changing industries, women through menopause, those during a weight loss journey, the ones in the midst of a divorce / moving on from a break up, the warriors battling serious illness or mental health.

The relationship between Stylist and Client is so important, working closely together and feeling trust is vital. I’ve been in some of these situations myself so can really relate and others I’ve been side by side with someone who has. Being able to understand and listen is all part of the job. 

I’m here for those who don’t have the time or inclination to shop and I’m equally here for those who want someone to help them through a time when they want to reclaim who they are.

Knowing how it feels losing and rediscovering my own identity at times, having adjusted to big life changes myself and understanding how that affects how I dress, show up and represent myself to the world.

I have to say, the most important thing is that: to show up. Don’t shy away, lean in and learn to love who you are.  You are still you – no matter what life throws at you, no matter how different life looks, remembering who you are might just be the thing that gets you through and propels you to the next stage positively.

One small change becomes a big shift on your wellbeing so the powerful combination of personal style + improved wellbeing will see you become the best version of yourself.

So my intention is to get serious about building on this platform and in real life to reach out to those who need me most. Those who will feel the benefit of YOU ARE YOU, who are ready for empowerment, change and confidence.

Time to start planning how. I can’t wait.