Dressing by numbers

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Getting dressed seems impossible sometimes, right? Staring at the wardrobe willing for something to magically jump out (and hoping that when it does, it’s a completely awesome, stylish outfit too).

When we’re tired from a late night having just “one more drink”, nosying around instagram or having been up all night with the little people again, it can be difficult to engage the brain and think about what to wear for the day ahead.  Couple that with needing to catch a train/get to a baby massage class/present at a client meeting/tackle the school run (insert daily life goals here), time is not on our side.

We have precisely 12 minutes to get out of the house looking like a presentable pulled together member of society – and for some of us, with minimal porridge in our hair and accomplishing the task with a little one hanging off one leg demanding that we STOP trying to get dressed and pick them up immediately.  For no other reason, other than to make sure they are centre of our world. AT.ALL.TIMES (which of course they are, but really, darling, now isn’t a great time).   With nothing ironed, shaving err… overdue and the sun taking his hat on and off (someone else also seemingly struggling to know what to wear?), it’s all too much trying to find the right outfit.

So, on autopilot, in order to avoid having the whole “what? these aren’t my pjs, didn’t you know, lounge suits are everywhere this season but please excuse the fluffy slippers” awkwardness, we reach for the trusty jeans that are slung over the back of the chair, hoping they survived yesterday’s dinnertime food frenzy, if not the next step is to go looking for our uniform black leggings (gals, maybe not the guys) or in desperate times the dress/suit/onesie we wore 3 days last week and really hope noone notices.

If it were a race between going out of the house naked or throwing on the first thing we can find, the latter usually triumphs (thankfully!) but style can sadly be left stalled at the gate.

Once out of the house, in our mostly clean, uncrumpled outfit we rush to get on with our day…….But how do we feel?

Ready to take on the world?

Ready to handle colleagues/friends/little humans confidently?

or…..a little harassed, slightly awkward, wanting to go unnoticed and willing for the day to be over?

The clothes we wear can really represent how we feel, so what do you want to say?


When thinking is just too much and dressing by numbers would be helpful, here are our YOU ARE YOU top five tips:

  1. FOCUS: Work with a narrowed selection and the thinking part is done for you.  On Sunday evening pull out 7 outfits that you like and that are suitable for the activities/schedule for the week ahead and cover all eventualities weather wise. Think complete looks head to toe from accessories to shoes.  Keep them hanging in your wardrobe in one place and only choose from these outfits Monday to Friday.  (we suggest 7 outfits for 5 days to offer some variation and choice dependent on your mood). Change it up week to week.
  2. INSPIRE: If you see outfits that you like in magazines, on pinterest or out and about window shopping, use these as inspiration for when thinking up an outfit is just too much.  Take your print outs, photos or tears (that’s industry speak for taking the pages out of a magazine) and hang them on the inside of your wardrobe.  If you have similar styles already in your wardrobe you can start to experiment with what works for you.
  3. ORGANISE: Sure, maybe it’s a little ambitious expecting something to jump out at you, but if you have an unorganised wardrobe, it will make finding the right item much harder.  Try grouping tops/dresses/trousers etc by item to start with.  Then order them into smart/casual/occasion.  You can even go one step further and organise by colour for a complete rainbow effect.  Whatever you feel works for you, but keeping all of your clothes and accessories organised will make life a lot easier when you need to grab and go.
  4. PREPARE: Now, it may not be the highlight of the week but having outfits clean and ironed, ready to go is essential.  Do not attempt to iron your chosen outfit first thing. We repeat: Step away from the iron! Pick a night, designate it to getting washing and ironing up to date. You will then have plenty of options available when choosing what to wear rather than pulling a shirt from the bottom of the laundry basket and hoping for the best.
  5. EDUCATE: Finding your personal style is a game changer.  Knowing the shape, cut, fabrics, proportions and scale which work for you and is the key to dressing well.  Unlock your true potential by booking an “Introduction to YOU” session with us. Contact: info@you-are-you.com and find out more over on the SERVICES section of the site.








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